HAWK® Sports Apparel was born In 2023 from a shared passion for sports and a vision for high-quality sportswear. Our founders, with a rich background in coaching and participating in sports like handball, volleyball, and padel, saw an opportunity to infuse their love for the game into every garment. HAWK® represents a unique fusion of sports culture and stylish, durable apparel.As a proudly Egyptian brand, our goal is to redefine the expectations for local sportswear, offering premium, globally competitive products that celebrate the athletic lifestyle.

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HAWK® Sports Apparel is more than a brand; it's a movement. Our mission is to foster a community that breathes athleticism, dressed in the spirit of competition and style. We aim to forge a powerful identity for HAWK® wearers, one that resonates with confidence and strength. Our apparel isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling invincible on the field and off. By instilling pride in Egyptian craftsmanship, we aspire to revolutionize perceptions of local quality, proving that excellence in sportswear knows no borders.

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Our horizon is limitless. We envision HAWK® Sports Apparel becoming Egypt's leading sportswear brand, a symbol of excellence and aspiration. We're not just crafting apparel; we're cultivating a league of 'HAWK Elites' - individuals united by our core ideals of agility, strength, and unmatched precision. Our dream extends beyond borders, aiming to clothe athletes globally with our ethos, spreading the spirit of Hawk - where every stitch is a promise of quality, every design an emblem of athletic prowess.

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  • Amir Moharam

    Co-Founder & Marketing Director

  • Loay Hesham

    Founder & Managing Parner

  • Mohamed El Zayat

    Co-Founder & Business Development Director